The Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education (SMEE) program provides rigorous training in statistical methods, educational measurement, and research methodologies. Graduates from our program are prepared to make scientific and systematic inquiries and to make data-driven decisions, typically attaining employment positions at universities, research centers, and testing organizations.

Degrees & Certificates

Degrees are in educational, school and counseling psychology with an emphasis in statistics, measurement & evaluation in education.

Master of Arts (MA)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
quantitative research certificate

Faculty Accomplishments

  • Grants: In the past 5 years, our SMEE faculty have been awarded over $18.7 million in federal government and private foundation grants.
  • Teaching: Our faculty has recently been awarded three separate teaching awards, including the golden chalk award given to the best professor in the social and behavioral sciences at Mizzou
  • Research: Combined, our 6 core SMEE faculty have published over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles with more than 50% credited as first author in a two year time span
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