The Belonging in Education Research Lab is a collaborative research group that examines the need to belong in the lives of youth and emerging adults with an emphasis on educational settings and marginalized populations. The lab, as a collective, has been responsible for peer-reviewed publications, national and international presentations, and book chapters on the topic. The collective brings together faculty in multiple departments on campus, undergraduate students, and graduate students. 

Recent Publications

*denotes graduate student authorship

^MU colleague/collaborator

*Sebastian, B. & Slaten, C.D. (2022). “I’m Prepared for this Moment”: The Role of Mindfulness in the Psychosocial Health of Women of Color. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development.

Allen, K.A., Ryan, T., Arslan, G., Slaten, C.D., *Ferguson, J., & Bozoglan, B. (2022). Examining Predictors of School Belonging Using a Socio-Ecological Perspective.  Journal of Child and Family Studies.

Slaten, C. D., Owens, S. A., Herman, K. C., Reinke, W. M., & Rawlings, B. (2021). The coalition model advocating for school counselors’ role in improving youth mental health. Journal of School Counseling, 19(41). http:/

Onwonga, R.*, Slaten, C.D., McClain, S.^ (2021). “AmeriKenyan”: Lived acculturation and ethnic identification of Kenyan natives during their youth.  Journal of Black Psychology.

Sebastian, B.*, Slaten, C.D., Williams, M.S.^, & Elison, Z.^(2021).  College student exercise motivation: the role of belongingness and college self-efficacy.  International Journal of Contemporary Education.

Slaten, C.D., *Ferguson, J.K., *Hughes, H., & ^Scalise, D.A. (2020). “Some people treat you like an alien”: Understanding the female athlete experience of belonging on campus.  Educational & Developmental Psychologist,

Seminal Publications

Slaten, C.D., ^Rose, C.A., ^Bonifay, W., & *Ferguson, J. (2018).  Milwaukee youth belongingness scale: item response theory analysis.  School Psychology Quarterly. Advanced online publication.

Slaten, C.D., *Elison, Z.M., Deemer, E., & *Hughes, H. (2017). The development and validation of the university belonging questionnaire (UBQ).  Journal of Experimental Education.

Slaten, C.D., *Elison, Z. M., Lee, J.Y., Yough, M., & Scalise, D.A. (2016).  Belonging on campus: A qualitative inquiry of Asian international students. The Counseling Psychologist, 44, 383-410.

Slaten, C.D., *Ferguson, J., & Allen, K. (2016). School Belonging: A review of the history, current trends, and future directions.  The Educational and Developmental Psychologist, 33, 1-15.

Slaten, C.D., *Elison, Z., *Hughes, H., Yough, M., & *Shemwell, D (2015).  Hearing the voices of youth at risk for academic failure: What professional school counselors need to know. Journal of Humanistic Counseling, 54, 203-220.

Baskin, T.W., Slaten, C.D., Sorenson, C., Glover, J.L. (2010). Does youth psychotherapy improve academically related outcomes? A meta-analysis. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 57, 290-296. 

Baskin, T.W., Slaten, C.D., Crosby, N., Pufahl, T., Schneler, C. (2010).  Efficacy of counseling and psychotherapy in schools: A meta-analytic review of treatment outcome studies.  The Counseling Psychologist, 38, 878-903.

Research Funding

The Evolution of School Counseling Classroom Curriculum. Funding source: Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  Total Amount: $300,000 (Awarded 2021; Awarded 2022).

ECHO: Prosocial and Positive School Climate.  Funding source: Institute of Educational Science.  Total Amount: $1,999,793.  Awarded 2021. (Co-Investigator)

Principal Investigator.  Middle School Mindsets Matter:  Examining the Impact of a Small-Group Program on Underperforming Students’ SEL Outcomes. Funding source:  American School Counseling Association (ASCA). Total Amount: $7,600.  Awarded 2019.

Conscious Discipline: a program evaluation of an SEL program for teachers and students impacting emotion regulation, belonging, and overall school climate.  Funding Source: Community Partnership of the Ozarks (Springfield, MO), Total Amount: $200,000.  Awarded 2018.

Understanding the job satisfaction of school counselors and their compatibility and comfort with the ASCA model.  Funding source: Missouri School Counseling Association (MSCA).  Total Amount: $3,600.  Awarded 2019.

Recent National Presentations

*Wadley, K., *Lee, J., Huynh, J., Slaten, C.D., Allen, K. (2023).  University Belonging: Addressing the Gaps in intervention research through systematic review.  Paper session at American Educational Research Association National Conference; Chicago, IL.

^Brass, N., ^Bergin, C., Prewett, S., ^Rose, C., Slaten, C.D., *Milarsky, T. (2023).  Teacher Social-Emotional Skills mitigate middle school students’ adjustment declines during the school year.  Presented at American Educational Research Association National Conference; Chicago, IL.

*Lee, J., *Huynh, J., Slaten, C.D., & Wachter-Morris, C. (2023). School Counselors’ Experiences in the Virtual Classroom: A Mixed Methods Study. Paper session at the Evidenced Based School Counseling Conference: Columbus, OH.

*Hung, A., Slaten, C.D., ^Wang, Z. (2022).  The influence of belonging on academic and retention outcome: A structural equation model approach.  Poster presentation at the American Psychological Association Conference

*Wadley, K., Slaten, C.D. (2022).  School Mental Health Professionals and School Discipline: What we need to know.  Poster presentation at the American Psychological Association Conference

Slaten, C.D., *Lee, J., Harris, P., ^McClain, S., & *Rhames, A. (2022). The Evolution of School Counseling Curriculum: A Systematic Review.   Paper Session presented at Evidence-Based School Counseling National Conference.

*Rhames, A. & Slaten, C. D. (2021) Cultural Context and Social-Emotional Learning Interventions for Early Adolescents [Paper Session]. AERA Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA 

Slaten, C. D., ^Bonifay, W., *Sebastian, B. & *Shim, H. (2020, Apr 17 – 21) Community College Belongingness Questionnaire: An Adaptation of the University Belongingness Questionnaire Utilizing Item Response Theory [Paper Session]. AERA Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA (Conference Canceled)

*Rhames, A., & Slaten, C. D. (2020). culturally relevant small groups for marginalized middle schoolers: utilizing school counseling to reach SEL needs through ASCA mindsets. Boca Raton, FL: Evidence-Based School Counseling National Conference.

Slaten, C. D., *Rhames, A., & ^Herman, K. (2020). Early Identification Systems (EIS): An Advocacy Tool for School Counselors and Direct Counseling Service. Boca Raton, FL: Evidence-Based School Counseling National Conference.

*Rhames, A., & Slaten, C. D. (2020). School Counseling Job Satisfaction and Job Burnout based on the ASCA National Model: An Exploratory Sequential Design Mixed Methods Approach. Boca Raton, FL: Evidenced-Based School Counseling National Conference.