Alumni Spotlight: Eliot Boden, MA-LIS (‘13)

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Photo of Eliot Boden
Photo of Eliot Boden

Eliot Boden is a 2013 graduate of the library and information science program at the MU School of Information Science & Learning Technologies. Currently, he is the Instructional Technology Librarian at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Effective June 1, he will serve as the Assessment Librarian at Webster University.

Boden credits the LIS program with giving him the knowledge and training required to start the career of his choice, and introducing him to a world of classmates, coworkers, and friends.

Here’s what he shared about why he selected SISLT and his program experience, as well as advice for prospective students, and more:

Why did you select to attend SISLT?

First, the program offered the only master’s degree in Missouri that is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA), so I was confident the program would provide the skills and training required to launch my career in libraries. However, the flexibility of the program was also a major factor in my decision to enroll in SISLT. I was able to attend class locally (in St. Louis) and online, which allowed me to earn my MLS while I continued to gain valuable experience working part-time in a library.

What did you appreciate most about your experience at SISLT?

The program changed the way I think of myself as a student. I never thought very much about the process of learning, but the program helped me “know myself” in a way that not only gives me a better understanding of my place in the world, but also helps me do the same for others.

How did your program at SISLT impact your career?

SISLT’s LIS program introduced me to the many specializations within an academic library and helped me to select a career path that fit with my interests and abilities. Emerging Technologies in the Library was perhaps the most useful class for me, as it introduced me to a new service area that fit with my interests, and gave me the foundation to succeed in my first full-time position.

What advice would you give prospective SISLT students who are considering the LIS program at SISLT?

My advice to prospective students is to reach out to librarians in different roles at both public and academic libraries before you start taking courses. Spend time talking with them and ask if you can job shadow. There are always more interesting courses to take than can fit in any one person’s schedule, so it would be enormously helpful to get an idea of what might (or might not!) interest you before you register for a course.