Funding Package

Selected students for assistantship positions will receive funding to cover tuition, along with a stipend for living expenses during the fall and spring semesters, and health insurance not including dental benefits for the entire year. For further information about the benefit packages that our Ph.D. students holding graduate assistantships are offered please check the University of Missouri, Columbia Graduate School website. Typically, a graduate assistantship is a 9-month position which will involve a 10 or 20-hour-per-week assignment as graduate student research assistant or graduate student teaching assistant. Continued employment beyond the 9-month position or for the next academic year will be contingent upon good work performance, maintaining good academic standing and progress in your degree following MU academic honesty and professional integrity policies, which can be found at the University of Missouri, Columbia Graduate School website. Employment will also be contingent on the continued financial stability of the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies (SISLT) and remaining in full compliance with applicable regulations as outlined by SISLT, the MU Graduate School, and the University of Missouri System.

Scholarships & Grants

Information Science & Learning Technologies PhD Scholarship

The David H. Jonassen scholarship is named for SISLT’s only Curator’s Professor — Dr. David H. Jonassen — who passed away in December 2012. This scholarship will be awarded to support an exceptional SISLT doctoral student who demonstrate an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) areas of learning, meaningful problem solving, or educational psychology.
To apply: Please refer to the College of Education Graduate Financial Assistance page form more details.

Travel Support

SISLT iSchool

Ph.D. students are eligible for up to $750 per year if presenting at a national or international conference from SISLT iSchool. If you are presenting at a local or statewide meeting, up to $250 of additional funding is available per year. For further information, please check SISLT Conference Travel Support.

Other MU sources

Dissertation Data Collection Funding

There are dissertation funds available to assist PhD students with collecting data for their research. Students must have an approved dissertation proposal and IRB to apply for the funding.

You will need to send a request to the SISLT Director, Rose M. Marra. The request must include the following:

  1. Title of Dissertation
  2. Itemized budget for data collection
  3. Copy of signed Dissertation Prospectus Form

The final amount will be determined by availability of funds that can be distributed among students collecting data for their dissertation during a specific semester.

Other MU sources

Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid

For information about MU cost of attendance, graduate studies by year, check Mizzou Student Financial Aid cost of attendance page. For information about financial aid, check Mizzou Student Financial Aid for graduate students page.