Alumni Spotlight: Delia Wadlington

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Photo of Delia Wadlington
Photo of Delia Wadlington

Delia Wadlington (pictured) is graduating with her MLIS this December 2019. She was kind to provide some insights into her experiences in the program from Cambridge, MA.

What have you most enjoyed while pursuing the MLIS?

I have only worked in corporate environments, so I really enjoyed learning about working in non-corporate libraries through class discussions with my peers from across the world and through the coursework. Though the clients (patrons) are different, the tasks, successes, and frustrations seem to closely align.

What attracted you to MU SISLT? Favorite reading or insight?

I was attracted to MU SISLT because I knew that Mizzou had high standards, and that even though I lived over 1,000 miles away on the East Coast, I would receive an excellent professional education. In one of the first courses I took, “Emerging Technologies,” we read The Master Switch by Tim Wu—something I would likely never have picked up on my own. It really set the tone for creative thinking and engaging discussions for the rest of my experience in SISLT.

What advice would you pass on to your (past) self or others?

My advice would be to keep an open mind when entering MLIS studies and the information field. Take a variety of classes and apply to a range of internships or volunteer opportunities. You may stumble onto work that you would never know you loved otherwise.

What are you looking forward to about the field?

I am already using the tools and knowledge gained during my MLIS in my position as a research associate at Boston Consulting Group. I conduct reference interviews multiple times daily to efficiently perform business research across the open web and through databases. I collaborate with colleagues (several of whom also have an MLIS/MLS degree) to provide the best information and service—something I am excited to do every day.