Prior to graduation, all students must complete a Graduate Examination requiring them to demonstrate mastery of the LIS Student Learning Outcomes. When you submit your M-1 Program of Study, you will identify the semester in which you will participate in the Graduate Examination, the ePortfolio. Typically, this will be your last regular (i.e., fall or spring) semester. We do not offer graduate examinations (ePortfolio) over summer session. If your graduation date changes or you need to take the ePortfolio in a different semester, you should contact SISLT Student Services ( to inform her of your change in status.


ePortfolios support students’ ability to demonstrate thoughtful reflection on their time in the Program and what they learned. Students will include artifacts created as part of their coursework during their time in the program and will reflect on how each relates to their understanding of the SLOs. Students will also provide a biography, and supply a current resume or CV.

During their last regular semester in the Program, students participate in the ePortfolio process. It is the student’s obligation to respond to emails soliciting participation and to complete all work on time. Failure to do so and to complete work according to the guidelines provided will result in a delay in graduation.

Once they have officially indicated their intent to graduate and to complete the ePortfolios, students will be placed in a course shell in Canvas, in accordance with the calendar below, where they will have access to detailed instructions.

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